cafe_ccic: possible reason why gqcam is not working

From: Németh Márton
Date: Thu Oct 23 2008 - 05:18:00 EST

Dear Jonathan,

I read in your documentation found at linux-2.6.27/Documentation/video4linux/cafe_ccic, and
found that you mention that "gqcam" is not working together with cafe_ccic.

I have done some investigation of the gqcam 0.9.1-4 found in Debian system. I wanted
to use gqcam with a different webcam and found out the following things:

- gqcam currently only supports video4linux 1, and it uses the following

- gqcam only supports read() method of getting the frames.

- gqcam currently has a limitation that it allocates a static buffer size of
640*480*3 bytes. This is defined in gqcam.h, struct Camera, field rawbuffer.

As I came across with this buffer limitation, I created a simple patch which at least
can warn the user about this problem instead of getting segmentation fault. The
patch available at .

I hope this helps you to track down why gqcam is not working with cafe_ccic.


Márton Németh
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