Re: e1000e fails after several S3 resumes (2.6.26 Debian, TP T60)

From: Sanjoy Mahajan
Date: Wed Oct 22 2008 - 15:22:40 EST

Thanks. I'll use 'ethregs' and 'ethtool -d eth0' at the next
opportunity, though it might take a few weeks for the problem to recur,

> you'll have to build ethregs which I haven't tried to do on debian,
> but it should be possible.

It needed the 'libpci-dev' package and built smoothly.

> There is also lots of opportunity for BIOS bugs to be effecting things
> so please make sure that you have the latest bios.

It has BIOS 2.20 (79ETE3WW), the latest version when I last upgraded the
BIOS, but I see that 2.23 is available. I'll upgrade as soon as I
remember how on a Windowless (TM) machine.


`Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always
glorify the hunters.' --African Proverb
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