Re: Release of Atheros 802.11n USB Linux driver

From: Luis R. Rodriguez
Date: Wed Oct 22 2008 - 12:14:15 EST

On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 1:28 AM, Florian Fainelli <florian@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Luis,
> Le Wednesday 22 October 2008 04:04:17 Luis R. Rodriguez, vous avez Ãcrit :
>> We would like to see our Atheros 802.11n USB Linux driver upstream
>> however we need help with this so we are releasing our Atheros 11n USB
>> Otus Linux driver under the ISC to the community. The goal is to work
>> with the community to help move this forward upstream. We are hoping
>> for community help and leadership on this (*cough*).
> This is great news ! Any plans on supporting older sticks as well, like
> AR5005UG/X based sticks ?

Yeah, we've already provided documentation to a few select developers.

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