Re: [PATCH] fix n_tty/pty input/output buffer full and other miscchar handling

From: Alan Cox
Date: Wed Oct 22 2008 - 05:33:51 EST

> that ^C, ^Q, etc. can have effect) in non-canonical mode? This would
> allow prevention of the gridlocks that still can be invoked when using
> stty -icanon in, say, an xterm. For now, I took the conservative route
> in this patch, but let me know if a more permissive approach is better.

I suspect having thought about this a bit more that the proper logic is
in fact

if (special case a)
if (special case b)
if (....)

/* An ordinary character for the queue */
if (queue_full) { ....}

and we should process everything that may have a special effect (flow
control, delete line, etc) before worrying about having room to store the
character whatever the tty ldisc state
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