debugging an oops that kills the system

From: Dan Upton
Date: Tue Oct 21 2008 - 13:14:31 EST

Hi all,

I'm hoping for some pointers on debugging an oops that ultimately
hangs the system. I'm doing some scheduler work and I can fairly
reliably duplicate the error on my machine, but the output is too
large for one screen and the system becomes unresponsive after the
crash so I can't scroll the console. I tried purchasing a USB->DB9
cable to log to a remote terminal, but so far I haven't had any luck
getting that to work. Using kdump/kexec doesn't work either--I got
the second kernel to boot successfully using the magic sysrq example
in the documentation, but the second kernel doesn't boot with my
actual crash. Any other suggestions for what I might do?

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