Re: [GIT PULL] UWB, WUSB, and WLP subsystems for 2.6.28

From: Marcel Holtmann
Date: Tue Oct 21 2008 - 12:44:12 EST

Hi David,

> > I can fix up some of the issues in the next couple of days (use
> > time_after() and kcalloc()). Could these subsystems then be merged?
> Fixed.
> > The printk_ratelimit() will take a bit longer.
> I fixed some of these. I need to think more on what's best to do with
> the remaining ones.
> Linus,
> Can you pull these subsystems now from?
> git:// for-upstream

you might have to send a new pull request within a new thread. I think
that Linus missed this one and I would like to see getting UWB support
finally merged.



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