__vm_enough_memory(), OVERCOMMIT_NEVER, current->mm, kernel thread

From: hooanon05
Date: Tue Oct 21 2008 - 11:29:35 EST

Hello all,

When sysctl_overcommit_memory is set OVERCOMMIT_NEVER,
__vm_enough_memory() refers current->mm.

For example,
# exportfs -i -o ... localhost:/tmpfs
# mkdir /tmp/w
# mount -o ... localhost:/tmpfs /tmp/w
# yes > /tmp/w/fileA

In this case, NFSD (kernel thread) calls shmem_file_write() or
shmem_write_begin() and __vm_enough_memory() is called. But current->mm
is NULL and the kernel crashes.
If a user have to set OVERCOMMIT_NEVER, where should we fix?

Junjiro R. Okajima
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