Re: [PATCH] NFS regression in 2.6.26?, "task blocked for more than120 seconds"

From: Ian Campbell
Date: Mon Oct 20 2008 - 02:27:48 EST

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On Fri, 2008-10-17 at 14:32 +0200, Max Kellermann wrote:
> Ian: this is a follow-up to your post "NFS regression? Odd delays and
> lockups accessing an NFS export" a few weeks ago
> (
> I am able to trigger this bug within a few minutes on a customer's
> machine (large web hoster, a *lot* of NFS traffic).
> Symptom: with 2.6.26 (, too), load goes to 100+, dmesg says
> "INFO: task migration/2:9 blocked for more than 120 seconds." with
> varying task names. Except for the high load average, the machine
> seems to work.
> With git bisect, I was finally able to identify the guilty commit,
> it's not "Ensure we zap only the access and acl caches when setting
> new acls" like you guessed, Ian. According to my bisect,
> 6becedbb06072c5741d4057b9facecb4b3143711 is the origin of the problem.
> e481fcf8563d300e7f8875cae5fdc41941d29de0 (its parent) works well.

The issue I see still occurs well before those changesets. I have seen
it with v2.6.25 but v2.6.24 survived for 7 days without issue (my
threshold for a good kernel is 7 days, hence bisecting is a bit

So far I have bisected down to this range and am currently testing
acee478 which has been up for >4days.

$ git bisect visualize --pretty=oneline
bdc7f021f3a1fade77adf3c2d7f65690566fddfe NFS: Clean up the (commit|read|write)_setup() callback routines
3ff7576ddac06c3d07089e241b40826d24bbf1ac SUNRPC: Clean up the initialisation of priority queue scheduling info.
c970aa85e71bd581726c42df843f6f129db275ac SUNRPC: Clean up rpc_run_task
84115e1cd4a3614c4e566d4cce31381dce3dbef9 SUNRPC: Cleanup of rpc_task initialisation
ef818a28fac9bd214e676986d8301db0582b92a9 NFS: Stop sillyname renames and unmounts from racing
2f74c0a05612b9c2014b5b67833dba9b9f523948 NFSv4: Clean up the OPEN/CLOSE serialisation code
acee478afc6ff7e1b8852d9a4dca1ff36021414d NFS: Clean up the write request locking.
8b1f9ee56e21e505a3d5d3e33f823006d1abdbaf NFS: Optimise nfs_vm_page_mkwrite()
77f111929d024165e736e919187cff017279bebe NFS: Ensure that we eject stale inodes as soon as possible
d45b9d8baf41acb177abbbe6746b1dea094b8a28 NFS: Handle -ENOENT errors in unlink()/rmdir()/rename()
609005c319bc6062b95ed82e132884ed7e22cdb9 NFS: Sillyrename: in the case of a race, check aliases are really positive
fccca7fc6aab4e6b519e2d606ef34632e4f50e33 NFS: Fix a sillyrename race...

note that this bisect is over fs/nfs only so it's possible the I might
drop off the beginning and have to bisect the 3878 commits between
v2.6.24 and fccca7f. I hope not! acee478 looks good so far.

$ git bisect log
# bad: [4b119e21d0c66c22e8ca03df05d9de623d0eb50f] Linux 2.6.25
# good: [49914084e797530d9baaf51df9eda77babc98fa8] Linux 2.6.24
git-bisect start 'v2.6.25' 'v2.6.24' '--' 'fs/nfs'
# bad: [4c5680177012a2b5c0f3fdf58f4375dd84a1da67] NFS: Support non-IPv4 addresses in nfs_parsed_mount_data
git-bisect bad 4c5680177012a2b5c0f3fdf58f4375dd84a1da67
# bad: [d45273ed6f4613e81701c3e896d9db200c288fff] NFS: Clean up address comparison in __nfs_find_client()
git-bisect bad d45273ed6f4613e81701c3e896d9db200c288fff
# bad: [bdc7f021f3a1fade77adf3c2d7f65690566fddfe] NFS: Clean up the (commit|read|write)_setup() callback routines
git-bisect bad bdc7f021f3a1fade77adf3c2d7f65690566fddfe

Ian Campbell

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