Re: iwlagn: associating with AP causes kernel hiccup

From: Richard Scherping
Date: Sat Oct 18 2008 - 12:17:50 EST

Tomas Winkler schrieb:
> On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 5:27 PM, Richard Scherping <richard@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>>> When I associate with an AP, Linux 2.6.27 seems to "hang" for a few
>>>>>> seconds. During that time, all sound stops playing and keyboard and
>>>>>> mouse input is impossible.
>>>> I'm using Mandriva 2009.0 x86_64 with wpa_supplicant and Mandriva's
>>>> wireless network configuration tool (drakroam).
>>>> Actually I just found out that running # ifconfig wlan0 down
>>>> is enough to trigger the sound and mouse hanging for a few seconds.
>>> And shortly after I wrote that, while associating while getting an IP
>>> with dhclient when associating with a WPA encrypted AP, I got this
>>> backtrace in my logs:
>>> [...]
>> I have a similar problem here. No crash up to now, but the very same "hang" for a few seconds on "ifconfig wlan0 down". Interestingly this does only happen after a normal boot - once I did a suspend and resume (S3), there is no hang anymore.
>> Hardware: Thinkpad T61p with Intel 4965 agn
>> Software: Debian Lenny x86_64 with vanilla 2.6.27 kernel
> Driver in 2.6.27 is not stable, please try to reproduce this in
> current wireless-testing.git.

I do not have the time to compile and test wireless-testing ATM, sorry.

In fact I am annoyed by the fact that iwlagn is "known to be unstable" in a stable kernel release and that this even seems to be a totally normal thing...

Once compat-wireless is working again on my system I will try that and check whether the hang still occurs. Current compat-wireless does not for me - compilation says

make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-2.6.27'
/home/richard/Desktop/compat-wireless-2008-10-17/ "WARNING: You are running a kernel >= 2.6.23, you should enable in it CONFIG_NETDEVICES_MULTIQUEUE for 802.11[ne] support"

and I did not find CONFIG_NETDEVICES_MULTIQUEUE using menuconfig. Loading the modules fails with tons of unknown symbols and disagreed versions (already at cfg80211 and mac80211 modules).

Perhaps I should go back to Debian stock 2.6.26 kernel - but there Ad-Hoc is broken on iwl4965, although it was working without problems earlier in 2.6.24.

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