r6080 driver not working.

From: Pieter Steyn
Date: Fri Oct 17 2008 - 10:50:28 EST


I cannot get the r6080 driver working properly in either 2.6.26 or
2.6.27. It compiles, and loads fine enough, but as soon as I try and
bring up the device I get a 'resource is in use and busy' message.

I've tried using both the driver supplied by the kernel and the one
linked on their website (with some modifications to make it compile :

r6040# diff r6040.c r6040.orig
< i = request_irq(dev->irq, &r6040_interrupt, IRQF_SHARED,
dev->name, dev);
> i = request_irq(dev->irq, &r6040_interrupt, SA_SHIRQ, dev->name, dev);
< return pci_register_driver (&r6040_driver);
> return pci_module_init (&r6040_driver);

Networking works with 2.6.21 using the driver from their website and
the above patch.

I've cc'ed in tech support to the manufacturer.

Thanks, and sorry if the information isn't much to work with...but
since I don't get any errors other than device being busy I'm not sure
what to do from here.
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