Re: [PATCH] Fix broken debug output reserve_region_with_split()

From: H. Peter Anvin
Date: Fri Oct 17 2008 - 02:55:35 EST

David Miller wrote:

IMNSHO I think you can default to 8 digits for I/O for PCI, since at least last I looked there was no 64-bit address space possible for I/O.

Resources are representing different things on different platforms.

On sparc64 it's actually the full 64-bit physical I/O address on the
system bus being stored in there. So even IORESOURCE_IO objects have
64-bits of relevancy.

And then it should be printed as such on that platform.

Like I said, printing out the entire thing has helped me find real
bugs, so printing the whole thing is not without merit.

No argument there. I was referring only to platforms where the resource contains a PCI I/O address, which is 32 bits long unless limited by additional constraints (like x86's 16-bit limit.)

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