Re: headers_install broken on early versions of perl

From: Alexander E. Patrakov
Date: Fri Oct 17 2008 - 00:15:01 EST

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

This may not be a very large concern, but the new and scripts do not work with versions of Perl < 5.6.0. This is largely to do with syntax changes in that version. Previously, open() only allowed two arguments. The following patch (against alters the syntax to be backwards compatible with earlier versions. It has been tested on 5.005_03, and 5.8.8.

Please CC me on any comments as I am not subscribed to this list.


Jeremy Huntwork

diff -Naur linux- linux-
--- linux- Wed Oct 15 19:02:53 2008
+++ linux- Thu Oct 16 19:10:37 2008

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Alexander E. Patrakov
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