Re: install conflict about /lib/firmware

From: Michael Tokarev
Date: Thu Oct 16 2008 - 16:58:58 EST

Harald Dunkel wrote:
Hi folks,

Seems that there is an installation conflict about
/lib/firmware/ess/maestro3_assp_kernel.fw (and probably
others) between 2.6.27 and Using dpkg I get

Since 2.6.27, firmware binaries are placed into /lib/firmware
directory. The reason is that firmware is not kernel-dependent.
Or, rather, the firmware stored here is not kernel-dependent
(when it is, it's stored in /lib/modules/$version/).

Probably other package managers get a similar problem.

A package build script should be updated to create separate
package with the firmware, and to add proper reguiriments
and/or dependencies.

Wouldn't it be more consistent to put the firmware files in a
kernel specific directory, e.g. in /lib/firmware/ or
/lib/modules/ ?

No, because the firmware is not kernel-dependent, but device-dependent.
It were deliberate choice.

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