Re: [linux-dvb] Multiproto API/Driver Update

From: hermann pitton
Date: Mon Sep 15 2008 - 23:00:19 EST

Am Montag, den 15.09.2008, 19:10 -0400 schrieb Andy Walls:
> On Mon, 2008-09-15 at 07:50 +0200, Julian Scheel wrote:
> > Andy,
> >
> > just to clarify things a bit I'll give a short statement now.
> >
> > Andy Walls schrieb:
> > > Though I can't read much German, after looking at the website I
> > > can't help but think that you as well have financial interests driving
> > > your actions. If so, then your statements display quite a bit of
> > > hypocrisy.
> > >
> > The role of jusst technologies in the whole multiproto story is as
> > following:
> > The time when DVB-S2 came up this was of course of major interest for
> > jusst technologies, so we searched for people working on drivers. At
> > that not many people did seem to care about this stuff - but Manu did.
> > So we got in contact and tried to help him as much as we can, which
> > included making up connections to KNC1 for technical questions and
> > datasheets, provide a KNC1 testing board and later then give free
> > web/codespace to Manu.
> Julian
> First let me acknowledge jusst technologies contribution. It seems
> generous. Thank you for clarifying.
> > Furthermore we of course did lots of testing of multiproto. But never we
> > did pay Manu for any of this work.
> > Reading that you should recognize that there can't be much financial
> > interests for Manu.
> Manu clarified this.

I don't doubt it.

But holding the members of a whole community as captives over several
years is a even much more severe issue.

Alone for reading the thousands of mails, how can I build the f*, there
is no compensation and that alone is a reason to have serious doubts
about such kind of support or keep that out of linuxtv too.

To accuse Steve now, his major captive, of something, Manu is far away
to even come close to be allowed to do such, if you look at it in whole,
is a further proof, that it will never end until he has v4l-dvb :)

This would cure him immediately in that direction and I seriously
suggested it.

The underlying problem is deeper, you can't allow something important,
like S2 HDTV support on GNU/Linux, to be in the hand of a single
developer and related NDAs.

The guy might be as fine like Manu, but what comes down to him from all
sides behind the scenes will make even the best soon uncomfortable and
others scratch their had, damned, why he always bites and would this
ever end?

In between others spend their time tracking down some old issue someone
is coming back with after years, but on that shiny new driver this will
of course never happen again ...


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