Re: [PATCH] Audit: fix handling of 'strings' with NULL characters

From: Miloslav TrmaÄ
Date: Fri Sep 12 2008 - 16:05:29 EST

Andrew Morton pÃÅe v Ät 11. 09. 2008 v 17:09 -0700:
> OK, I am now officially confused about the relationship between this
> patch, Miloslav's two patches and 2.6.27/2.6.26/2.6.25.
> Think I'll go into hiding for a while - please wake us up when it's all
> sorted out.

Eric's patch ["Audit: fix handling of 'strings' with NULL characters"]
replaces my 1/2 ["audit: fix NUL handling in untrusted strings"], and
makes my 2/2 ["audit: Handle embedded NUL in TTY input auditing"]
technically unnecessary - but from the semantics POV 2/2 should still be

Either Eric's patch or my 2/2 should go to the stable releases. The
other patches do not have to.

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