Re: [PATCH 01/18] lirc core device driver infrastructure

From: Christoph Bartelmus
Date: Thu Sep 11 2008 - 14:34:33 EST


on 09 Sep 08 at 13:03, Jarod Wilson wrote:
> On Tuesday 09 September 2008 03:40:18 Sebastian Siewior wrote:
>> Do you rely on this specific major? Since your daemon opens /dev/lirc0
>> you don't need a fixed major do you?

> Good question. Quite honestly, I'm not sure. Christoph?

LIRC does not rely on a specific major. But to be honest, the last time I
looked into this issue, was when devfs was bleeding-edge...

So, we need some advice here how to proceed. Should we try to register an
official major number for LIRC? Should we try to have a minor number
mapping, e.g.
/dev/lirc/serial/0 LIRC device on 1st UART serial port
/dev/lirc/serial/n LIRC device on n-th UART serial port
/dev/lirc/parallel/0 LIRC device on 1st parallel port
/dev/lirc/parallel/n LIRC device on n-th parallel port
/dev/lirc/usb/0 1st LIRC USB device

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