Re: Benchmarking results: DSS elapsed time values w/ rq_affinity=0/1 - Jens' for-2.6.28 tree

From: Alan D. Brunelle
Date: Tue Sep 09 2008 - 12:54:29 EST

Jens Axboe wrote:
> Thanks a lot for these numbers Alan, it definitely looks like a clear
> win (and a pretty big one) for all of the above and the previous mail.
> It would be interesting to see sys and usr times seperately, as well as
> trying to compare profiles of two runs. On the testing that I did with a
> 4-way ppc box, lock contention and bouncing was way down with XFS and
> btrfs. I didn't test other file systems yet. I saw mean acquisition and
> hold time reductions in the 20-30% range and waittime reductions of over
> 40% in just simple meta data intensive fs testing.

Unfortunately, ia64 does /not/ currently support the standard lockstat
reporting interface. However, I was able to utilize Caliper (an HP ia64
profiler similar to Oprofile) and gathered a couple of interesting
values. These are averaged over 10 runs each (10 w/ rq_affinity=0 and 10
w/ rq_affinity=1, alternating between the two).

First: For the overall system we can gauge how efficient the instruction
stream is by looking at un-stalled instructions: w/ rq_affinity set to 0
we see 24.001% of the instructions were un-stalled, whilst w/
rq_affinity set to 1 we see 24.469% un-stalled (1.95% better w/
rq_affinity set to 1).

Just looking at the gross amount of cycles attributed to the application
(Oracle) we see that with rq_affinity set to 0 about 70.123% of the
cycles are attributed to that, whilst with rq_affinity set to 1 we see
71.520% of the cycles used by Oracle (1.99% better w/ rq_affinity set to 1).

Overall stats for the two results posted above:

Unstalled values:
rq=0: min=22.180 avg=24.001 max=27.220 sdev=1.881 range=5.040
rq=1: min=23.580 avg=24.469 max=24.930 sdev=0.486 range=1.350

%Cycles attributed to Oracle:
rq=0: min=69.890 avg=70.231 max=71.170 sdev=0.379 range=1.280
rq=1: min=71.420 avg=71.520 max=71.670 sdev=0.080 range=0.250

Again, in both sets we see a /much/ smaller deviation from the average
amongst all the run results when rq_affinity is set to 1.

I'm going to see if an older lock stat mechanism still works w/
2.6.27-rc5-ish kernels on ia64, and try that.


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