Feature Request

From: l5ynlwlcyku9kvaqc2jf . j . HadVabVobs
Date: Tue Sep 09 2008 - 06:44:25 EST


I run linux on an AMD/VIA combination that appears to be prone to producing extremely anoying buzz on the sound card (and also in the image I get from my bt848 TV board) when I run the kernel with "make idle calls to CPU when not busy". The way out is to supply a "no-hlt"-append in lilo.conf. Doing so makes the noise go away.

Unfortunately but unevitably, it then also pulls 5-10 Watts more from the grid. I thought it might be an idea to make this "no-hlt" flexible via a /proc entry, so that it can be switched off again when the machine does something where the services from my sound card are not needed (building the kernel, e.g. ;-) ). In the Windows world there used to be a utility called "waterfall" where one could flick such a switch.

I am using a 2.4 kernel. Please, cc: me since I am not subscribed to the list.


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