GPIO active high/low handling on embedded devices

From: niels
Date: Tue Sep 09 2008 - 05:01:00 EST


I missing some functionality in the current GPIO interface which I am using in an
embedded environment.
It is not possible to specify if an output is low or high active on arch level.

IOW I want to activate or deactivate (on driver level) an output without having
to know if an output is high or low active, which should be specified on arch level.

Currently I created a structure with the gpio number and a boolean is_inverted,
and I added two functions called gpio_activate and gpio_deactivate, these
functions allow me to control the hardware independent of the low level
implementation, for example gpio_activate(RESET).

My question is if there is already such an solution or will the GPIO interface
support this functionality in the future?

Best regards,

Niels Langendorff

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