Re: SCSI or libata problem with an RDX removable disk

From: Alan Cox
Date: Mon Sep 08 2008 - 06:22:13 EST

> Sep 4 08:03:08 devsni1 kernel: ata4: port is slow to respond, please be patient (Status 0xd0)
> Sep 4 08:03:31 devsni1 kernel: ata4: port failed to respond (30 secs, Status 0xd0)
> Sep 4 08:03:31 devsni1 kernel: ata4: soft resetting port
> Sep 4 08:03:32 devsni1 kernel: ATA: abnormal status 0xD0 on port 0x0001d807
> Sep 4 08:03:32 devsni1 last message repeated 4 times

Your disk went offline and then refused to come back when the link was
reset. The initial trigger appears to have been the drive, the fact it
didn't come back could either be the drive or a controller problem. We've
seen a few cases where devices or controllers fail to recover from one
end being stuck expecting data.

Mark Lord did some patches to try and drain data in this case but I don't
remember if they were merged yet.

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