Re: [PATCH] init: bzip2 or lzma -compressed kernels and initrds

From: H. Peter Anvin
Date: Mon Sep 08 2008 - 04:35:32 EST

Rob Landley wrote:

Actually, from what I've seen the main reason lzma doesn't get used for tarballs a lot is that whoever originally created it didn't include a fingerprint. You can go "file tar.gz" or "file tar.bz2" and it can figure out by looking at the contents of the file what it _is_, but last I checked there's no obvious way to tell an lzma file from the output of /dev/urandom. This causes all sorts of small but annoying problems, and discourages its use a bit...

Both 7zip and LZMA-Utils have serious file format problems. The author of LZMA-Utils is working on a new format, which is likely to be widely adopted once it materializes.

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