Re: non functional pata dvd drive under

From: Jeroen Beerstra
Date: Wed Jul 23 2008 - 17:00:25 EST

Hello Tejun,

Op Friday 18 July 2008 07:00:42 schreef u:
> Hello, Jeroen.
> [cc'ing linux-ide]
> Hmmm... the problem could be caused by hald polling for media presence.
> Does "hal-disable-polling /dev/srX" make any difference?
> hal-disable-polling setting is persistent so if your drive goes bonkers
> quickly after boot, you can disable polling, reboot and see whether
> anything is different. Also, please post the result of "lspci -nn" and
> "hdparm -I /dev/srX" && please try 2.6.26.
> Thanks.

I'm pretty sure about that since the hald process I'm refering to points to
the 'faulty' drive. However simply booting with noapic seems to fix all of my


Bug 451081 @
Bug 11044 @


Jeroen Beerstra

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