RE: Endless ACPI errors on Linus tree (5b664cb235)

From: Jan Beulich
Date: Wed Jul 23 2008 - 12:13:56 EST

>>> "Moore, Robert" <robert.moore@xxxxxxxxx> 23.07.08 17:43 >>>
>Couple of thoughts.
>I think we must use the V2 field if it is present and the address value
>is > 32 bits.
>What if the V2 address is < 32 bits but does not match the V1 address?

The v2 address was used already before this patch, the patch just
(initially) tried to make things consistent to use the v2 bit width along
with the v2 address. That didn't work out. I certainly think there's room
for improvement, but perhaps (at least at present) of more academical
nature: If the v2 widths indicate a value wider than the v1 ones, then
we could still try to use the v2 field. The breakages reported so far
were only in the v2 widths being smaller than the v1 ones...


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