New IDX in linux/connector.h ?

From: Jerome Arbez-Gindre
Date: Wed Jul 23 2008 - 08:40:48 EST

Hi Evgeniy,

Nowadays, I'm working on a free software framework called TSP
one of its components is a Blackboard (Aka BB).

It is simply a structured shared memory with named fields.
At the beginning, the BB was used to share/export data between two or
more userspace processes.
The blackboard also comes with messaging capabilities (which allows to
synchronize processes).

I'm working on a kernel port of the BB... and particularly on the
messaging feature.

My implementation is thus a user of your connector API

My request is the following:

Would it be possible to declare in linux/connector.h an IDX for the
BB, without any restriction on the VAL the BB could use?

We are willing to include the BB in-tree but this needs to be
discussed (in terms of usefulness) as the current kernel
implementation shares lots of code with the userspace implementations.


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