Re: [PATCH 0/24] oprofile: Add IBS support for AMD CPUs

From: Maynard Johnson
Date: Wed Jul 23 2008 - 08:24:33 EST

Robert Richter wrote:
> Patches #1-3 are not directly related to IBS.
> Patch #4 adds generic support of model specific initialization.
And patches 5-9 are for . . .

It seems that you have 5 independent patch sets here. I don't see any
advantage in posting them together in one large group -- maybe more of a
disadvantage, since some are pretty non-controversial and should get
accepted fairly easily, while others will probably result in extended
discussion. You might consider reposting these 5 patch sets
individually. But I'm not so familiar with kernel patch
review/acceptance process, so maybe this is fine as it is if subsets of
the 24 patches are accepted incrementally.

> Patches #10, #11 add the core implementation of IBS.
> Patches #12-24 contain code improvements and small fixes.
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