Re: linux-next build error (PNP/IXJ)

From: Bjorn Helgaas
Date: Tue Jul 22 2008 - 13:57:55 EST

On Tuesday 22 July 2008 11:27:39 am Randy Dunlap wrote:
> I'm seeing several build errors in linux-next-20080722 that I haven't
> seen previously, although I don't know what changed to cause this.
> They are all basically the same, in ixj (drivers/telephony/ixj*), when
> CONFIG_PNP=n, and CONFIG_PHONE_IXJ=y or =m (so the actual error message
> varies depending on IXJ=y or =m):
> IXJ=y:
> ixj.c:(.text+0x329d98): undefined reference to `pnp_get_resource'
> or IXJ=m:
> ERROR: "pnp_get_resource" [drivers/telephony/ixj.ko] undefined!
> Suggestions?

I'd use something like the attached. I don't have a build environment
where CONFIG_PNP=n (all I have is x86 and ia64), so I haven't tested

ixj: don't use PNP interfaces when CONFIG_PNP=n

This patch fixes a build problem when CONFIG_PNP=n.

Signed-off-by: Bjorn Helgaas <bjorn.helgaas@xxxxxx>

diff --git a/drivers/telephony/ixj.c b/drivers/telephony/ixj.c
index 49cd979..51b7fb4 100644
--- a/drivers/telephony/ixj.c
+++ b/drivers/telephony/ixj.c
@@ -7588,6 +7588,7 @@ static IXJ *new_ixj(unsigned long port)

static int __init ixj_probe_isapnp(int *cnt)
+#ifdef CONFIG_PNP
int probe = 0;
int func = 0x110;
struct pnp_dev *dev = NULL, *old_dev = NULL;
@@ -7664,6 +7665,9 @@ static int __init ixj_probe_isapnp(int *cnt)
dev = NULL;
return probe;
+ return 0;

static int __init ixj_probe_isa(int *cnt)
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