Re: [PATCH] Traffic control cgroups subsystem

From: Patrick McHardy
Date: Tue Jul 22 2008 - 06:35:30 EST

Ranjit Manomohan wrote:

[Take 2] - Incorporated comments from Patric McHardy & Li Zefan.

This patch provides a simple resource controller (cgroup_tc) based on the
cgroups infrastructure to manage network traffic. The cgroup_tc resource
controller can be used to schedule and shape traffic belonging to the task(s)
in a particular cgroup.

The implementation consists of two parts:

1) A resource controller (cgroup_tc) that is used to associate packets from
a particular task belonging to a cgroup with a traffic control class id (
tc_classid). This tc_classid is propagated to all sockets created by tasks
in the cgroup and from there to all packets associated with those sockets.

2) A modified traffic control classifier (cls_flow) that can classify packets
based on the tc_classid field in the packet to specific destination classes.

Does this really have to be a new skb member? You could
simply use skb->sk->sk_cgroup_classid directly, or if
that doesn't work, maybe skb->priority.
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