Re: 2.6.22: USB getting stuck on SuperMicro PDSME+ boards

From: Oliver Neukum
Date: Tue Jul 22 2008 - 03:47:51 EST

Am Dienstag 22 Juli 2008 09:43:57 schrieb Nikola Ciprich:
> I'm observing the problem even on machines without any USB devs attached.
> Unfortunately I wasn't able to reproduce the problem on my testing machines I have
> on my disposal here (yet, but I'm still trying), and it's not affecting all PDSME+ boards we have deployed.
> The problem appeared after upgrading machines to 2.6.24 kernels, we haven't observed it on 2.6.21 we used before.
> On affected machines, kernel doesn't emit any OOPS, or anything else which could help to track. It just stops working after some time.

Try to get a sysrq-t trace when it happens again. We need to know which
lock it hangs on. Also can you try 2.6.26? The bug may already be fixed.


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