Re: kernel won't boot on a Cyrix MediaGXm (Geode )

From: Samuel Sieb
Date: Tue Jul 22 2008 - 01:11:10 EST

Ingo Molnar wrote:
* Rafael C. de Almeida <almeidaraf@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Samuel Sieb wrote:
I have a computer here with a CPU that the BIOS identifies as:
Cyrix MediaGXm/Cx5530 Unicorn Revision 1.19.3B

I can't boot any kernel later than 2.6.22 on it. Anything later either
hangs or gives random kernel panics while booting. I tracked down the
problem to a specific commit:

commit f25f64ed5bd3c2932493681bdfdb483ea707da0a
does the debug patch below (ontop of v2.6.26 or later kernels) make the system bootable again? Commit f25f64ed5 changed the meaning of that line. This patch switches back to the old behavior (which essentially did nothing, due to macro side-effect bugs).

Commenting out this line didn't have any effect that I could see. I was hoping one way or another it would affect the TSC unstable message I get, but it didn't even change that.
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