Re: Kernel version : what about scheme ?

From: el es
Date: Mon Jul 21 2008 - 03:57:38 EST

Willy Tarreau <w <at>> writes:

> also, causes trouble when stable releases cross a year boundary, or
> when there are several ones in a week. The stable release should
> only be a counter, not a date.
> Willy

If there are more stable releases in a week, you could put a release counter
after a dash, say :[2...X]

If stable continues to be used and leaps over to next year, put another .yy.ww
section :

OK I know that's long, but easy to expand if needed, just be sure to separate
date pieces with dots and counters with dashes. Or...

maybe use them the other way round - the current scheme uses counters separated
by dots, so maybe the new could do ss.yy-ww-tt[[-yy]-ww][.X]] ? Like
2.08-30-40.2 ? 2.08-30-09-02.2 ? But this seems odd, even to me ;)

el es

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