[PATCH 00/12] ipwireless: driver updates

From: David Sterba
Date: Fri Jul 18 2008 - 18:11:10 EST


series contains code cleanups and a few improvements.
Please apply for 2.6.27.

David Sterba


David Sterba (12):
ipwireless: Preallocate received packet buffers with MRU size
ipwireless: Put packets to pool start
ipwireless: Increase PPP outgoing queue size
ipwireless: Explicitly request io and mem regions
ipwireless: Constify buffer variables
ipwireless: Do not return value from sending funcs
ipwireless: Remove endian-dependent bitfields
ipwireless: Glue splitted printk strings back
ipwireless: Remove pt_regs from interrupt handler
ipwireless: Rename spinlock variables to lock
ipwireless: Remove unused defines
ipwireless: Misc cleanups

drivers/char/pcmcia/ipwireless/hardware.c | 275 ++++++++++++++---------------
drivers/char/pcmcia/ipwireless/hardware.h | 4
drivers/char/pcmcia/ipwireless/main.c | 86 +++++----
drivers/char/pcmcia/ipwireless/main.h | 5 +
drivers/char/pcmcia/ipwireless/network.c | 58 +++---
drivers/char/pcmcia/ipwireless/network.h | 1
drivers/char/pcmcia/ipwireless/tty.c | 2
7 files changed, 225 insertions(+), 206 deletions(-)


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