Does 2.6.26 provide nanosecond time to the user?

From: Reg Clemens
Date: Thu Jul 17 2008 - 21:25:28 EST

Im confused.
(sorry I havent been following the linux-kernel mailing list on this)

Does 2.6.26 use nanosecond time
(1) internally?
(2) provide it to the user?

I see no way to turn it on/off in xconfig.
Yet I do see STA_NANO defined in sys/timex.h which is a good start.

and IF it provides it to the user, what do I use to get nanosecond time.
My search with man -k for timespec turns up
and sys_clock_gettime

or possibly clock_getres and clock_gettime, the man pages use both,
but NONE of these entry points seem to exist in my system.



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