Re: [git patches] Ocfs2 and Configfs updates for 2.6.27

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Thu Jul 17 2008 - 14:02:50 EST

On Thu, 17 Jul 2008, Mark Fasheh wrote:
> The only two things that could be described as features would be:
> - Joel updated configfs's ->make_item() and ->make_group() callbacks to
> return more descriptive error types. This update is responsible for the
> changes to drivers/net/netconsole.c and fs/dlm/config.c as shown in the diffstat.

.. I really dislike how this was done.

This commit:

11c3b79218390a139f2d474ee1e983a672d5839a ("configfs: Allow ->make_item()
and ->make_group() to return detailed errors.")

is just ugly. Returning one value by passing a pointer to a pointer, and
the error value by returning an 'int' errno is _not_ how we do things in
the kernel.

No, we use error pointers.

IOW, you should have left the calling convention for "(*make_item)()" and
"(*make_group)()" alone, but allowed people to just do

return ERR_PTR(-ENOMEM);

etc for errors, and then in the caller you just check for IS_ERR().

That would have made the result much cleaner, and avoided that whole
"return two different things" issue.

I pulled it, but I want to register my protest.

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