Re: Toshiba - Documentation for Linux Developers

From: Robert M. Albrecht
Date: Wed Jul 16 2008 - 15:51:51 EST


both Toshiba types (original and compal-oem machines) are basically unsupported for Linux.

The omnibook-module for compal-systems was maintained outside the kernel and stalled for some time now.

The toshiba_acpi included in the kernel is outdated (there is a newer release, that fixes some bugs). Toshiba_acpi does only work on 32 bit systems, it breaks on 64 bit systems.

If anyone is interested in some hacking I can provide shell-access to both types of machines.

For some Tecra machines, Toshiba has provided some Vista-compatible BIOSes, they seem to enhance acpi-stuff for Linux too. So you might look for a bios-update.

cu romal

RafaÅ MiÅecki schrieb:
2008/7/15, Renato S. Yamane <yamane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
RafaÅ MiÅecki wrote:
> The newest version is packed for openSUSE fortunately. But it doesn't
> for my notebook

Try compile SVN version as commented in my last e-mail

OK, I tried version from SVN. Nothing changed :|

> dmesg is:
> omnibook: Driver version 2.20070211-trunk.
> omnibook: Unknown model.

Try force recognize with ectype parameter.
#modprobe omnibook ectype=x

Sure, I tried every ectype between 1 and 15 before (omnibook from
package) and now (version from SVN) again. I checked two files (when
existed): lcd and temperature. Temperature (if file existed for forced
ectype) was always 0 and lcd always had some random values. Inserting
other values (1, 7) didn't change anything.

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