Re: Make the git URL match usage

From: Jan Engelhardt
Date: Wed Jul 16 2008 - 11:17:02 EST

On Wednesday 2008-07-16 15:41, Mark Brown wrote:
>> > T: git://
>> > T: git://
>> >...
>> With the default git-daemon configuration it doesn't matter whether or
>> not you specify a .git postfix.
>For those two HTTP access currently requires that the .git be omitted.
>I could change that easily enough but TBH I prefer giving the link with
>the directory name that a clone would create anyway.

I also don't see the usefulness of having .git postfixes (it does have a
*point* though, it just does not convince me) in hives that are
obviously bare. Like, if you go into /srv/git, you would expect bare
repos, as is the case when doing a fetch from git:// or
ssh://server/srv/git/... For storing bare git repos in ~, a .git suffix
can be helpful.
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