Re: Number of bugs - statistics

From: Arjan van de Ven
Date: Fri May 23 2008 - 10:28:49 EST

On Fri, 23 May 2008 12:09:40 +0300
Adrian Bunk <bunk@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> And in case anyone says "not forwarded distribution bugs aren't our
> problem":
> That's a nice example, since in this case a distribuion suddenly
> starting to agressively forwarding their bugs might contribute to
> making the kernel better, but might also totally ruin the numbers in
> any statistics.

Fedora gets less than 1000 bugs per release (so 6 month window).
That's... peanuts.
(Also remember that distribution bugs have a real percentage of "please
help me" support request bugs, so the actual nr of bugs is quite
lower. The number is also before duplicates are marked).

We are tracking over 3000 bugs per WEEK via other channels.

So yes I will say that distribution bugs, while nice if we get
visibility in the good ones, aren't the end-all thing.
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