Re: [BISECTED] linux-next-20080519 does not boot on x86 (ACPI)

From: Sitsofe Wheeler
Date: Thu May 22 2008 - 05:55:23 EST

<posted & mailed>

Sitsofe Wheeler wrote:

> <posted & mailed>
> Sitsofe Wheeler wrote:
>> While trying to boot this kernel the kernel seems to be going well until
>> it comes to time to mount disks at which point it starts going very slow.
>> It doesn't respond to the keyboard (caps lock does not work), sysrq is
>> inoperable and the ATA tests timeout and over the course of minutes start
>> negotiating slower speeds. Using nmi_watchdog=1 or nmi_watchdog=2 does
>> not make any difference. next-20080516 booted correctly.
>> Config is downloadable from .
> OK I've finally bisected this down to the following commit:
> commit 86a2e1a7ec8c6363e502ac8ccf5fe50dd46b39c2

Hmm. Looks like I spoke too soon. This problem doesn't occur with
next-20080522 .


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