Re: CFD: (was [PATCH] Standard indentation of arguments)

From: Johannes Weiner
Date: Wed May 21 2008 - 21:08:30 EST


"Jesper Juhl" <jesper.juhl@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> 2. How to find things to work on as a beginner
> ---
> Many people new to kernel development have a hard time finding
> projects to start out with. The kernel is a large project and it's not
> surprising that some people find it hard to work out where to begin.
> A good way to start is by trying to fix some bugs.
> There are plenty of bugs to go around and fixing bugs is a great way
> to learn since you need to understand (and thus learn) the code
> surrounding the bug in order to fix it properly, so it usually teaches
> a lot. Submitting small bug fixes is also a great way to get
> comfortable with the patch submission process.
> Finding bugs to fix is easy. Here are some ways to find useful work to
> do:
- Run a recent development kernel. If you already know an area that
might interest you, use the tree of that subsystem. Otherwise
Linus' tree. Or the -mm tree.

> - Build a bunch of 'randconfig' kernels and log the output from the
> build. Building some 10-20 randconfig kernels usually exposes plenty
> of warnings and/or errors during the build. Fixing some of those
> should keep you busy for a while.
> - Grep the kernel source for "FIXME", "XXX" and similar comments. They
> often describe areas of the code that has known bugs, could be
> optimized, needs review etc. Lots of work to do can be found that way.
> - Look through the Kernel Janitors TODO list
> ( for items of interest,
> then try to fix some of the issues on the list.
> - Go through the kernel Bugzilla ( and see
> if you can fix any of the many bugs filed in it. There's a metric
> butload of bugs filed in there that need attention.

- Read the mailing list. Again, if you are interested in a specific
area, there are also subsystem-related mailing lists, check

Probably needs some rephrasing...

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