Re: [RFC 0/3] bootmem rewrite

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Wed May 21 2008 - 20:00:38 EST

On Wed, 21 May 2008 03:37:35 +0200
Johannes Weiner <hannes@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> This is a complete overhaul of the bootmem allocator while preserving
> its original functionality, excluding bugs.

Where angels fear to tread.

> free_bootmem and reserve_bootmem become a bit stricter than they are
> right now, callsites have to make sure that the PFN range is
> contiguous but it might go across node boundaries.
> alloc_bootmem satisfying the allocation goal is more likely as the
> routines will try to allocate on the node holding the goal first
> before falling back as opposed to the original behaviour that
> satisfies the goal only if it is on the first node.
> All in all, I think the code has become simpler and cleaner. All
> public interfaces have been documented, too.
> The first patch moves the bootmem node descriptor definitions into
> bootmem.c where they belong.
> The second patch is the new allocator itself.
> The third patch converts all users of ->node_boot_start to
> ->node_min_pfn as this is what they really use. It then removes the
> unused ->node_boot_start.
> Compile and runtime tested on X86_32, therefor RFC only.
> arch/alpha/mm/numa.c | 8 +-
> arch/arm/mm/discontig.c | 34 +-
> arch/arm/plat-omap/fb.c | 4 +-
> arch/avr32/mm/init.c | 3 +-
> arch/ia64/mm/discontig.c | 30 +-
> arch/m32r/mm/discontig.c | 4 +-
> arch/m32r/mm/init.c | 4 +-
> arch/m68k/mm/init.c | 4 +-
> arch/mips/sgi-ip27/ip27-memory.c | 3 +-
> arch/mn10300/mm/init.c | 6 +-
> arch/parisc/mm/init.c | 3 +-
> arch/powerpc/mm/numa.c | 3 +-
> arch/sh/mm/init.c | 2 +-
> arch/sh/mm/numa.c | 5 +-
> arch/sparc64/mm/init.c | 3 +-
> arch/x86/mm/discontig_32.c | 3 +-
> arch/x86/mm/numa_64.c | 6 +-
> include/linux/bootmem.h | 115 ++---
> mm/bootmem.c | 914 +++++++++++++++++++-------------------
> mm/page_alloc.c | 4 +-

Oh gee.

bootmem is an area where large numbers of people have done hit-and-run
jobs over a lot of years. Nobody owns it and I'm sure that you are now
the world's expert. We just need to push ahead with this, I guess.

I expect there will be problems - so many architectures which do such
different things, and all the configuration options churning things

So how to move ahead with this?

- I think I'd prefer not to drop


because those are small, simple things which are on track for
2.6.27 whereas a massive rewrite may take longer to get merged, and
may never get there at all, in which case we lost those little

- It would suit my purposes to have these patches right at the tail
of the -mm patch queue so that I can drop them easily if problems
occur, and so that others can revert them easily when diagnosing

- It would be nice to get some review attention from architecture
guys, but I can understand them finding other things to do, when
bootmem is presumably good-enough-for-now.

- Is x86_32 the only test platform which you have available? Awkward.

Anyway, if you can redo these patches against most-recent-mm or,
better, against then it would
make things easier for me to handle. I can then at least test it all
on my seven-odd test boxes. Please feel free to ping me if you want a
single rolled-up patch - that's always trivial and I can do it in three

Finally, if you haven't done so, I'd encourage you to stuff as many
handy debugging printks into this code as you possibly can. Just fill
'er up with them. So that when people start running it and it goes
boom, they can send you their debug output _without_ having to go
through another handful of email-email-patch-rebuild-retest cycles. We
can pull them all out later on.

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