Re: Moving sound/* to drivers/ ?

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Wed May 21 2008 - 19:38:16 EST

Takashi Iwai wrote:
While we are at the issue ALSA HG <-> GIT transition...

One thing that annoys me sometimes is that the sound driver codes are
on a different subdirectory than other normal drivers, namely under
/sound. I don't remember exactly why it came there, but this often
makes people forget to change the necessary code for the sound
subsystem, or slip from the statistics (I'm not sure whether Linus
counted sound/* with recent his posts).

If I understand correctly, with git, we can move the files in
relatively little costs. So, what about moving sound/* back to
drivers/sound/* or drivers/media/sound/*?

Of course, the primary question is whether it's really worth.
The obvious drawback is that patches won't be applicable after the
move. So, if we do it, doing at the last seems practical. But, this
can be a bit problem with keeping such a change on linux-next until
the next merge...

And, another question is to where. drivers/sound or
drivers/media/sound, or whatever.

Speaking as a former OSS driver maintainer, I always preferred drivers/sound.

Though Rene's suggestion (use both sound/ and drivers/sound/) might make sense if the subsystem code is huge -- I supported the drivers/block/ -> block/ code movement for example.


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