Re: [RFC] make wext wireless bits optional and deprecate them

From: Johannes Berg
Date: Wed May 21 2008 - 17:44:27 EST

> > I have filed a patch to fix HAL to use the canonical SIOCGIWNAME at
> > Any further
> > objections to this patch?
> I think this is going to fall under the "userland ABI" category.
> We can make it a configurable option, but I don't think we are free
> to remove it completely since there is at least existing versions of
> HAL that use it.

Well, yes, I gave it a year in the feature removal schedule since I
thought nobody was actually using it. But if you look at how hal/sysfs
are always dependent on new versions of each other *anyway*, I think we
can get away with removing this in maybe two years time, and
distributors can unset the option if they know their hal is new enough?


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