[PATCH 0/8] x86: Timer through APIC and related clean-ups

From: Maciej W. Rozycki
Date: Wed May 21 2008 - 17:09:55 EST


This is a set of patches replacing patch-2.6.26-rc1-20080505-timer_ack-1
and patch-2.6.26-rc1-20080505-timer-8259-0 sent previously. The patches
have been split up into smaller logically self-contained chunks to make
tracking down problems easier.

The patch-2.6.26-rc1-20080505-nosmp-watchdog-0 change fixes a problem
with timer interrupts getting masked in the 8259A as a result of
patch-2.6.26-rc1-20080505-timer-8259-6 in the corner-case scenario of
"nmi_watchdog=1 nosmp" being passed at the command line.

As there are some interdependencies the patches are best applied in the
order I am sending them; see also the paragraph above.

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