[BUG] cdc-acm driver module

From: vijay anand
Date: Wed May 21 2008 - 09:01:32 EST

Hi All,

This is vijay and new to this group. Normally I use to go through the
Linux kernel source and try to understand how things work.

Last week I was going through the cdc-acm driver source(linux-2.6.25).
I think there is a bug with that driver and I am not sure about it. So
I decided to post you guys and get your views on that.

The interface is claimed in 'acm_probe' using 'usb_driver_claim_interface' and
it has been released in 'acm_disconnect' using 'usb_driver_release_interface'.
This works fine as long as the control reaches 'acm_disconnect'.

What happens when the control never reaches the 'acm_disconnect'. Like simply
loading the driver and unloading the driver when the device is still in use.
In this case I hope the 'usb_driver_release_interface' never gets called.
Is it a bug? Do we have to do a 'usb_driver_release_interface' in 'acm_exit'.

Please clarify.

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