Re: -ffreestanding or not -ffreestanding

From: Roman Zippel
Date: Wed May 21 2008 - 07:46:20 EST


On Wed, 21 May 2008, Adrian Bunk wrote:

> Can we try to get this sorted out properly instead of constantly
> fiddling with it?
> Currently we use -ffreestanding on some architectures and fix breakages
> on the other architectures when they arise.

This won't help completely unless you also clean up all archs to use the
same mappings to the builtin functions.

The main problem I had with -ffreestanding is that it's awkward to map a
library function to the builtin function and also provide the fallback
from lib/string.c.
If you look at asm-m68k/string.h I once tried this with the mem* functions
and I still have the duplicated memcmp in arch/m68k/lib/string.c.
(You could argue that it would be easier to just remove the define for
memcmp in this specific case, but I'm interested in the general case.)

bye, Roman
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