Re: b4aa54d951d38d7a989d6b6385494ef5ea7371d7 breaks some serial configurations

From: Javier Herrero
Date: Wed May 21 2008 - 01:46:48 EST

Perhaps then, at least for now, in order to quickly restore the functionality of the driver with other platforms and to continue having the 8250 support in the blackfin, would be to apply this patch, that is a bit ugly but at least only affects to blackfin platforms using 8250-class uarts :)



Russell King escribió:
On Tue, May 20, 2008 at 12:52:52PM +0200, Javier Herrero wrote:
I see... would be OK to move the asm/serial.h include to its original position and to modify the asm-blackfin/serial.h in this way to avoid duplicate definition warnings, or would it be too ugly?:

Can blackfin systems accept PCMCIA cards? Or PCI cards? In which case
you probably don't want to implement this support like this.

A better solution may be to add some UPF_ flags to indicate the interrupt
polarity on a per-port basis. Not sure I'm particularly thrilled by that
idea though, but other solutions I can think of inspire me even less.

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