Re: [patch/rfc 2.6.25-git] gpio: sysfs interface

From: David Brownell
Date: Mon May 19 2008 - 21:26:30 EST

On Monday 19 May 2008, Pavel Machek wrote:
> >
> > > What about mkdir gpio-N to export it?
> >
> > Ugh.  That would create way more complication than I want
> > to see here.  I thought about that early on, and decided
> > that was Not The Way To Go.
> ...but it would be consistent with configfs... and face it... doing
> echo > file to make a directory is seriously ugly.

This isn't configfs, and I didn't happen to notice any polite
way for sysfs users to intercept "mkdir", parse the relevant
directory name, reject illegal names, and pre-populate the
just-created directory with relevant contents.

Were you implying it should go into configfs? If so, do you
maybe have an update to the patch I sent a day or so ago?

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