RE: Kernel hangs in SMP + VMware environment.

From: Alok Kataria
Date: Mon May 19 2008 - 21:13:29 EST

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Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2008 12:45 PM
To: Alok Kataria
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Subject: Re: Kernel hangs in SMP + VMware environment.

On Wednesday 2008-05-14 20:30, Alok Kataria wrote:
>On Wed, May 14, 2008 at 4:00 AM, Tetsuo Handa
><penguin-kernel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hello.
>> Roland wrote:
>>> maybe related to ?
>> Thank you for URL.
>> My bug seems to be timer related.

I too noticed it; clocksource=pit is my current workaround.

ANK> What kernel do you see this with ? Did you get a a chance to try the patch
ANK> which I sent earlier on this thread ?

>>> you say "recent" , so this does happen from 2.6.21 to 2.6.26rc2 ?
>> I don't know exact version, but I don't experience this problem
>> in earlier kernels (e.g. Fedora Core 5 which uses kernel 2.6.20).

It does not happen for 2.6.23, and IIRC it did not with 2.6.24
either; 2.6.25-rcish is the first to show this behavior.

ANK> Are you sure you didn't see it with 2.6.23/2.6.24 ?
ANK> i am assuming your test case is also similar to that of Tetsuo.
ANK> Multiple guests running simoultaneously.

Oh well, time to bisect.

ANK> Let me know if you get anything their.

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