Re: [2.6.26-rc2-mm1] sync to speed up?

From: Theodore Tso
Date: Mon May 19 2008 - 19:06:12 EST

On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 03:15:09PM +0800, Dave Young wrote:
> Hi,
> With 2.6.26-rc2-mm1 I need to sync frequently. It's not normal as my
> understanding.
> 1. scp a big file from a lan server. Firstly the speed is about 8M/s,
> but the speed will slow down to 100K/s at last. After I exec "sync",
> the speed will restore.
> Is this a known issue?

Dave, what filesystem are you using? Jiri's patch on this thread was
to fix a problem in ext4, which means that's fixing a problem which is
unrelated to the slow mkfs.ext2 problem (which is writing to a block
device, not a file in a ext4 filesystem), and so it's likely unrelated
to your problem (unless you're using ext4 and didn't tell us :-).

Andrew's probably right that it may be related to the slow mkfs
problem. Can you confirm that you are seeing this on 2.6.26-rc2-mm1,
but not on stock 2.6.26.rc2?

- Ted
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