Re: Linux 2.6.26-rc3

From: Wang Chen
Date: Mon May 19 2008 - 04:24:55 EST

Linus Torvalds said the following on 2008-5-19 6:12:
> So because of that event, I looked at some of the statistics of the BK
> timeframe and the git timeframe. The most striking difference has nothing
> to do with git or BK (the switch-over timing was just the reason I decided
> to take a look), but with the fact that we're not just continuing to
> develop, but we're developing faster and with more people.
> So during the three years 2002->2005, we had 63428 commits, attributed to
> 1560 different authors (caveat: misspellings etc will mean that some
> people get counted more than ones). During the last three years, we've had
> 96885 attributed to 4068 distinct authors (with the same caveat,
> obviously).
> I didn't do a lot of per-commit statistics yet, but from the little I've
> done it also seems like we've gotten increasingly better at doing small
> commits (which is probably one of the reasons we have a larger number of
> them, but also why we have more authors - small commits is how people get
> into doing kernel development).
> [ But part of it is also because we're better at authorship tracking: the
> BK history has 6000+ patches attributed to Andrew, and a number of them
> have a "From: xyz" in them, but my statistics only looked at who got
> attributed in the SCM logs. Our patch extraction tools have also gotten
> better over the years.. ]
> I'll see if I can make some interesting statistics about just how
> development has changed over the last three years, but no promises. The
> actual exact "same amount of time" time is coming up in another month or
> so.

Linus, I've made an analysis from raw data of git-log. Very similar to what
Jonathan Corbet has done. But hope it can give us some useful information.


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