Re: [patch] snd-pcsp: silent misleading warning

From: Stas Sergeev
Date: Sun May 18 2008 - 09:33:03 EST


Takashi Iwai wrote:
>>> [ 417.338143] PCSP: playback_ptr inconsistent (4642 4661 18645)
>> It turns out that the buffer size you
>> get, is not evenly devided by period size.
>> 18645 % 4661 = 1.
>> That (wrongly) triggers the warning.
>> This may very well be an alsa bug, or
>> may not, but the code in the driver is
>> handling that properly, so there is no
>> need for such a verbose warning.
> The right fix would be to add a hw_constraint to align the buffer
> size. The simplest way is to add the following in PCM open callback.
But what does this fix? That's only a
warning, the driver itself doesn't care
at all. The fix you propose, will need
more testing, at least a confirmation
from the reporter. I simply thought this
can't happen. Now you say its a perfectly
sane situation, and then there is nothing
to care about, just shut up the warning.
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